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Media Showcasing
Global Service Institute
And Our Chair
Rita Cosby

Headliners of Service

Virtual Speaker Series

Emmy-Winning Journalist Rita Cosby Brings You Influential Figures Who Make a Difference in Our World

Israeli Prime Minister
Ehud Olmert

Prime Minister Olmert discusses big developments in the US, Mideast and Israel’s mandatory national military service

HUD Secretary
Ben Carson

The Secretary of Housing and Urban Development and Member of the Coronavirus Task Force discusses latest developments and programs in these arenas

International Expert
Susan Eisenhower

Susan Eisenhower discusses her grandfather’s exceptional values, dedication to service and her new book, “How Ike Led: The Principles Behind Eisenhower’s Biggest Decisions”

100 Small Ideas to Change the World

We are looking for 100 small ideas to change the world. High School students are invited to submit ideas for a chance to pitch business leaders and venture capitalists.